BC Magnum Timber Sales

BID OPENING will be held on Thursday, March 9th, 2017 at 3:00 pm.

Our permanent office location is: 119 E. Lincoln Ave Fall Creek, WI 54742.

Below are available timber sale prospectus'.

To download a printable sale prospectus and map click on the button labeled "Sale Specifications"

All bids must be submitted before 3:00 pm (to be accepted), at which time we will begin the bid opening process. If a sale is not sold, it will remain OPEN and online for you to look at and make a bid at your convenience.

Notification of winning bids will be emailed or phoned after confirmation of bid acceptance from the landowner.

With the online bid form no payments are necessary; HOWEVER, you are submitting a bid in good faith that if accepted by the landowner you will sign and complete the timber sale contract.

Down payments and performance bonds will be due with the signed timber sale contract. With acceptance of the bid, we will create and forward timber sale contracts.for signature and payments. All payments will be required with return of the signed contract. All payments will be made out to BC Magnum Outdoors, LLC.

To submit a bid select “place online bid”. Fill in the form; purchaser information, price per species/product and then your estimated total bid. Select “Submit Bid” and we will get an email with the completed information. All bids will be printed out and included in the current bid opening. By submitting a bid you are guaranteeing your acceptance, signature and completion of the timber sale contract at the prices you submitted.

If you have any questions or cannot view a file give us a call or send an email.

Open Bids